ONDA 4 Education webinar: Flood mapping using Copernicus data on ONDA DIAS

Giorno: Tue, Feb 4, 2020 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM CET


During this webinar session, organized by our partner SERCO, you will become familiar with ONDA, the DIAS (Data and Information Access Services) platform that is enabling numerous users to access geospatial data and information, and to build applications in the Cloud. You will learn how to access the ONDA Virtual Machine you will be using during the Hackathon, and how to benefit from the free and direct access to the full archive available in the platform (more than 21 petabytes) to run your EO projects based on Copernicus data and other missions. In addition, the session will include a practical demonstration where you will learn the basics of image processing for Flood Mapping. ONDA team will employ the ESA SNAP software to demonstrate how Sentinel-1 GRD and Sentinel-2 products can provide valuable information to derive the extent of the flooded area. For further information, visit the following page https://www.onda-dias.eu/cms/onda-supporting-vicenza-copernicus-hackathon/​.

ONDA’s is the Cloud Infrastructure Official Provider